What we do

Our team is here to make your ideas come true

Problems we solve

We are ready to help if you have a project idea deserving to be implemented, specific business needs to be met, but you do not possess enough

appropriate technical background & expertise
in-house resources

Our team is always willing to make your boldest and most ambitious ideas come true. To ensure appropriate implementation and meeting your requirements, each team member will be involved in a specific project aspect in line with his experience and skills.

Why we are different

We never act as an aloof contractor lacking initiative and performing the job at the lowest costs possible.

Weavora is a partner with deep expertise and experience able to offer alternative and more efficient solutions or competently explain irrelevance of certain approaches.

Our team avoids stretching processes out needlessly. We focus on bringing value to your business, not on billing more hours.

Small and agile groups of 2-3 people are assigned to each project which allows more flexibility. The client may always contact each of the dedicated developers and get an update or a consultation directly from the person inside the process.

At Weavora, we always make sure every piece of project experience and knowledge is transferred to the client. In case you don’t have an onsite team, we’ll gladly help out with its establishing. Our team tries to involve the other party at the earliest stages of development so that the customer will be fully capable of the product support and fixing any arising issues. It’s vital to set an effective work approach from the very beginning and inspire the in-house team to properly maintain the project.

Our expertise

With every project, we choose a technology stack best tailored for specific problems we need to solve.

Our preferences are not based on current trends, we select tools that work.

Though we switch between a lot of different technologies, there is a true & tried toolkit we’ve tested on the most complex projects:

  1. 1Our basis is PHP5 and enterprise-class framework Symfony2
  2. 2Databases: MySQL/Percona, MongoDB, Redis
  3. 3Front-end frameworks: AngularJS, Backbone
  4. 4Javascript: Less, CoffeeScript, Node.js
  5. 5Testing: Behat/Mink, PHPUnit
  6. 6Performance improvement tools: Java, Go, Node.js
  7. 7VCS: Github
  8. 8Others: Grunt, Gearman, 0MQ

Out of our scope

Every idea is valuable, but unfortunately we do not have time and energy for fulfilling all of them.

That’s why we have to carefully handle clients’ requests. No offense.

We don’t provide support & maintenance of finished software solutions delivered by outsiders. We either start from scratch or completely redo the project.

We don’t work with CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress (except for the blog engine), or custom ones. In addition, we don’t customize existing scripts like OpenCart, PrestaShop, SocialEngine & similar.

We’re only interested in executing projects requiring at least two developers for 2-3 months.