Meet our team

Passionate and professional
We value a personal approach and like to think of ourselves as not just a contractor, but a partner to each of our outstanding clients

Mike is a tireless driving force of the company

Mike Kulakov, CEO, Co-Founder

He is constantly in search of new opportunities, responsible for the growth strategy as well as the team’s motivation and integrity. Thinking globally, he is still never aloof to projects. Having a perfect understanding of UX/UI, Mike is always enthusiastically involved in early-stage work by clarifying business requirements, preparing mock-ups, user stories, and execution plans. The whole team always wonders how on earth he manages to keep up with each project progress, major milestones and unfailingly provide clients with detailed reports. Besides, Mike is into constant improvement and optimization of design and processes. Mike is a big fan of gym, tennis, business books, and (of course) generating great ideas.
Yury is our tech guru

Yury Tolochko, CTO, Co-Founder

He has pro experience and deep knowledge of many current technologies. Being an active player at early project stages, Yury defines software architecture and lays solid groundwork for future implementation. Yury is an Agile guy, no stranger to high load and knows how to handle big data. He’s about outlining a high-level vision, quickly building a prototype, and discussing further ways of improvement. He’s always eager to share his ideas and believes in automatization. Yury is extremely good at raising the bar high making the team buckle down. As sporty as he is smart, Yury is always up to volleyball and snowboarding.
Sergei is a lord of hardware & software

Sergei Staroverov, COO, Co-Founder

When it comes to installing and configuring any kinds of devices and programs, he makes our life a lot easier. He is responsible for arranging an appropriate environment for every project (Git, test servers, continuous integration) and setting up a production server. Sergei is a religious Unix user, an expert in cloud solutions and monitoring systems. Thorough and orderly, he always digs deep into any problem and spares no time to resolve it. Sergei is an organizer, easy-going, and always ready to help if asked. He never skips gym, is fond of snowboarding and travelling by car.

Alexander is our old-timer

Alexander, Senior Engineer

Being a trusty and devoted team member, he’s helped us a lot since the very beginning and pitched in during most of the clients’ and our own projects. Before switching to Symfony2, Alexander has been our hotshot at Cake, CodeIgniter, Yii, Yii 2, Silex, Node.js. He is always up for new tasks and offering alternative solutions. Having a responsible approach and the right attitude to work, Alexander is often the last one to leave the office. Being on team Sony, he’s upgraded his good-ol’ PS2 to PS4. Alexander is always there to share the hottest game industry news and arrange office game nights. Besides, he’s also an enthusiastic poker player.
Ivan is our naughty whizzkid

Ivan, Senior Engineer

He’s extremely smart and witty and always a few steps ahead. He can easily keep up a conversation on any topic, but physics is his thing. When working on projects, Ivan focuses on code architecture and database design. He prefers backend to frontend and constantly aims at quality of his and other team members’ code. Ivan never lets down anyone asking for help. He’s a master of persuading and reasoning his point. Ivan is a dedicated cyclist, traveller, and photographer. If you want to know what the best and latest photo equip is, just check what he has.
Alex is our math nerd

Alexey, Senior Engineer

He loves solving math and algorithmic problems and is a regular participant in contests like Dropbox’s Dropquest. Alex is a GitHub expert and an advocate of front-end development. Any JavaScript and UI issue is handled with his involvement. Alex never stops improving and polishing projects, is thoughtful and explicit when explaining requirements and a course of action. He is quick at acquiring new skills and bravely takes the initiative. Alex is the life of the party and can seriously make you laugh your brains out. He’s a movie addict and a devoted Apple user.
Artem is our scrupulous inspector

Artem, QA/DevOps

If you have anything to test, he’s here to help. No bug can slip away from him as he creates the most refined and tricky testing scenarios. Artem keeps in mind business logic of every single project and always understands what exactly causes a trouble. He never fails to track all arising issues, accordance with priorities and estimates. He provides the ultimate quality control and is equally good at manual and automated QA. Artem is certainly the team’s best specialist in functional testing. Artem loves snuggling and playing with his cat and dog. He is hungry for constant self-education and self-development and attends specialized workshops and conferences.

Our Manifesto

Things we strive for and focus on both inside and outside the office.

Keep promises.
No matter what.
Reveal your creativity.
It’s there, trust me.
Do work beautifully.
Inside and out.
Act independently.
Don’t seek for supervision.
Share experience.
And be ready to gain it.
Every member of our team is dedicated to seeing beyond easy answers, challenging accepted practices and searching for the right solution