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Posted on January 24, 2014

Our Team Manifesto

I’m happy to introduce you the third article from the series Grow It Strong: Business Ideas For A Dream Company. Our road to the exceptional team, winning culture and Fortune 500 clients, where I’m going to tell you about one thing every team deserves to have.

With the business of today being a boundless sea, no company can follow its route and sail through the market storms without a shining beacon. A beacon that helps to find the right way to the company’s goals, guides through the pool of approaches and values and sheds light on the core principles.

We believe that a good manifesto makes such a guiding beacon. If written right, it acts as a reference point for assigning priorities to tasks and activities, making deliberated and reasonable decisions and behaving in the company’s best interests. By creating your manifesto, you make sure that all the team members are on the same page with you and share proper work expectations.

A company manifesto is by no means a set of bureaucratic rules and formalities.

It should be inspired by a company’s culture and give the team a gist of corporate beliefs and vision, oblige your employees to do what they don’t feel like to.

Many top well-known companies have created (and even publicly shared) their great manifestos. You can check those by Apple, Google, Mozilla, Nike, Zappos.

We’ve decided that the time has come for us to do the same thing. Together with the co-founders, we have put our shared understanding of the main team values into words and introduced it as the Weavora manifesto on the team building event I’ve described earlier.

When thinking of our manifesto, we kept in mind some essential points to stick to.

A good manifesto:

  • highlights issues or areas to improve;
  • contains unambiguous and clear language;
  • avoids specialized professional vocabulary;
  • is concise and combines related concepts in one fundamental principle;
  • does not include words “effectively”, “consistently”, “reliably”, “should/must“;
  • is written to guide actions;
  • is formulated in a way allowing to see if actions conform to the stated.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” – Albert Einstein.

So here is the newly born Weavora Manifesto:

Keep promises. No matter what.
Reveal your creativity. It’s there, trust me.
Do work beautifully. Inside and out.
Act independently. Don’t seek for supervision.
Share experience. And be ready to gain it.

Some accompanying notes:

  1. We always keep our promises to ourselves, each other and our customers. If we make a commitment on tasks, projects, terms, there is no doubt that we’ll fulfill it.

  2. We strive to come up with new unorthodox ideas, experiment, get initiative. We do not come to work to simply spend 8 hours, we’re eager to be inspired and inspire others.

  3. We take Apple as one of the best examples of implementing style & design in every aspect from OS, apps, devices to gadget assembly and packaging. We aim at the same approach and try to keep everything we do beautiful and professional. It applies to all stages of project development: estimation, reporting, documentation, architecture and infrastructure, code, UI/UX.

  4. We want each team member to do without any project management. Everyone is encouraged to directly communicate with clients, solve any arising issues with them, keep clients and the team updated on tasks progress, offer alternative solutions.

  5. Finding out new things and getting unique experience is an inseparable part of our workdays. We appreciate if the team members share what they know and are open to perceiving new information via presentations, blog posts, meetings, tweets, chats or anything else.

That’s how we see the principles to guide our team both inside and outside the office. Though we’d agreed on the manifesto points with the other co-founders, we felt a bit fidgety when presenting them to our guys for the first time. But we breathed easy after seeing them share our ideas and approve of the whole thing.

It is so gratifying to realize that your team is a perfect match to your vision.

Do you believe that a company needs a manifesto? Tell us what you think of ours and feel free share your favorites! We’d love to hear your opinion. adsense account ban

And yeah, make sure not to miss our next post of the series: I’m going to speak about setting a kind of KPI for each position in the team (developer, QA manager, designer, content writer) describing associated responsibilities, expectations, and opportunities.

Stay tuned!