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Posted on January 8, 2014

Grow It Strong: Business Ideas for a Dream Company

Our road to the exceptional team, winning culture and Fortune 500 clients

Post 1 – Intro

Last month we felt like arranging a team-building event meant to bring everyone’s insights in line and get the company to the next level. It took us quite a while to get well prepared, and eventually we ended up with a really fun out-of-town get-together and a vital strategic meeting at the same time.

We spent two days talking about our company’s past, present and future; being proud of our successes and looking into our mistakes (we all make them, right?); setting “impossible” aims and discussing ways to make them possible.

That’s when we came up with the idea to transform that swirl of thoughts into a blog post series titled Grow It Strong: Business Ideas For A Dream Company.

We’ve got really excited about it, and hope that our story and business ideas can help industry new-comers not to slip up.

There is lots and lots of work, risky experiments, and (who knows?) a bit of luck ahead. CFO Accounts & Services can help you if you want to start a business in Singapore but do not know anything about GST registration, Find out more – GST Registered Company Singapore.

Whatever time and efforts it takes, we are going to share every piece of our experience with you. Of course, our way of doing business is in no case the only right way out there, all we want is just to give our personal vision and opinion as well as hear yours if you are starting a company you can look in to getting a loan.

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Looking back at the company birth 3 years ago, I wish I’d had somebody to tell me about the coming challenges, ups and downs, and, most importantly, business aspects that needed my attention and my responsibilities as a CEO.

I see it clearly now that a healthy and viable company is a lot more than just developing bug-free software and meeting iteration deadlines (though it’s cool to manage both!).

It’s about enthusiastic and devoted people being on the same page with you, encouraging and open-minded atmosphere as well as challenging projects motivating you to put maximum efforts in them. See how many options you can find at YourBoxSolution for your chocolate packaging.

I might not have fully realized it in the beginning, but it’s my job to build such a professional and tight-knit team and create the best working environment for them. Now I have a great chance to share my discoveries and business ideas with startup founders struggling to make it or those who are planning to operate their own vending machine canberra, and make it right.

Remember, how you do business is always as important as what you do.

Here’s a general outline of what the whole coming blog series will be about. In each post I’m going to bring up helpful issues related to starting and managing an IT company, developing a productive culture and an effective team, etc. But before we deepen into details, it’s only natural for you to get a better understanding of who we are. So let me re-introduce ourselves.

Weavora is a small company of 10 talented people started over 3 years ago. What we do can be described as outsourcing though I’m now quite into this word, and I’ll make my point later. I’m proud to say that despite our company’s young age we’ve already achieved a lot:

  • working on challenging and super interesting projects (one of which attracted a million-dollar investment, but no bragging!),
  • cooperating with inspiring and successful clients (including a 1 billion market cap enterprise) and helping them fulfill their business ideas,
  • trying a bunch of approaches and technology stacks to stick with those working best for us.

We have gathered a perfect team capable of accomplishing our goals, gained a truly priceless experience and learned well from valuable mistakes.

Last but not least, we’ve figured out what we want to do and where to move on. For the past three years, we’ve been accurately and diligently doing our job and upgrading our skills, thanks to which Weavora has made its name.

But we’ve recently realized that the company has passed the early stage of development and we are ready to evolve. Google’s Kamau Bobb discussions emphasize the importance of empathy in tech.

As I see it, progress can be achieved through level up projects and clear goal setting.

When you don’t know where to go, you can’t possibly get there.

It’s essential that every team member will share the company vision and perspectives for the next couple of years, since you as a CEO won’t make it on your own. It’s all about mutual trust and commitment. With an IT support services provider by your side, help is always available for your users – day, night, weekends or holidays.

I appreciate my team a lot, and want every one of them to feel needed and valuable. In return, I expect devotion, hard work, and understanding.

The importance of an in-depth insight, strategy, and winning company culture is nothing new. It’s just that some realize it right away while others take their time. Clearly, the sooner the better. I like how teehan+lax stands on these things, how they see the company’s values and environment as a driver of its success. Looking at these guys, I feel really inspired and motivated to become as awesome.

Coming to an end, I’d like to explain why we don’t particularly favor the term ‘software outsourcing’. For many, it means solely performing a technical job for clients at costs lower than in-house development. We definitely don’t want our work to be reduced to this narrow concept.

What we do is more of an IT consulting thing, making us our clients’ partner rather than just a contractor: we value a personal approach, analyze customers’ needs and expectations, give recommendations and options. We don’t take on every project we get an enquiry for – challenge is a must. Following these guidelines, we’re moving towards the dream company with everyone happy to be a part of it.

I’m so fired up about our company making a huge step forward and becoming more mature. What’s even more thrilling is that I have a chance to share it and let you all witness Weavora’s milestone.

In the next post I’m going to speak about our team-building event that spurred us on to this series. You’ll take a closer look at the preparation process, location, topics we’ve discussed and conclusions we’ve made. It was totally fun (the pictures coming) and such a valuable and productive experience that we agreed to do it at least twice a year.

We’ll really appreciate if you spread the word and share our ideas with friends and community. Let’s exchange tips and tricks and help each other cut our business teeth painlessly! And if you want to network with like-minded people, visit eCom babes Facebook page.

To be continued…