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Posted on July 19, 2013

Why Tracking Time Matters

Whether you are rich or poor, you pay someone to write my paper have time – the only resource that is equally distributed among all of us.

You cannot store it or save for later. You cannot put it in a bank waiting for an easy profit. Time is only valuable here & now. It’s up to you whether to waste it or use it effectively & stay productive, both at work & at home.

Have you ever come to the conclusion that the less time you have, the more you can manage to do? Sounds weird? But it proves to be true. People tend to procrastinate everything from cooking breakfast to finishing up an important presentation. However, once you have a time limit for a heavy workload, you can summon up your inner resources to have all that done in time. Seek expert advice on strategies to reduce credit card merchant fees.

Have you ever thought about why people keep grumbling about the necessity to log their working time & keep their timesheets up-to-date? The point is that people don’t see the reason why it’s actually important for them, and not for their employer. Let’s figure it out.

Whether you are a freelancer or a full-time employee, just put yourself in your employer’s shoes for a second. What have you got? Dozens of projects and hundreds of employees. So many people – so many skills. It may take your manager 1 hour to fix a bug, while you can do it in 15 minutes. It’s you who knows your skills and can reasonably evaluate the required time. What’s more, if you have never tracked your time you will hardly manage to provide clear & exact estimates. Being a good estimator comes with years of experience, practice & knowledge. After you set your personal estimates you should keep up with the deadline. If you miss the deadline, it only means your estimates have been wrong. In this case you don’t just fail the task, but let down the whole team relying on you.

Providing clear estimates is particularly crucial for freelancers. If your customers can’t check your progress & don’t get regular updates on the work process, they aren’t able to coordinate the project and you may get stuck with some issues. Thus, it’s only natural for your clients to track & evaluate your results via timesheets. If you have missed the deadline you can analyze the timesheet together to figure out what has gone wrong & how to avoid it next time.

But don’t get confused, such time tracking is suitable only for freelancers. If you work in the office, how can you know how many tasks you can complete today if you’ve never estimated them?

Imagine that you have a set of prioritized tasks to accomplish. However, every day you may face some urgent things to do right away. Of course, you can stick to your initial plan & get back to these emergencies later on, but would you call such an attitude professional?

In fact, you can take a work-oriented approach:

  • Evaluate your current workload & fit the urgent tasks in with your plan;
  • Negotiate with your lead manager if an urgency requires overtime;
  • Change priorities to fix the critical issues first;
  • Review your plan to delegate some tasks to another team members.

That’s why it’s so important to provide accurate estimates: when you know the limits you have so many worthy options to choose from.

How can Everhour help you manage your time?

First and foremost, tracking time with Everhour helps you stick to the tasks planned instead of moving from task to task until your working day is over. Indeed, when you know your estimates you can make the most of your work time and complete the original plan. Finally, tracking time ends up with the habit of scheduling your activities, thus helping you become more organized & control your time rather than waste it.

If you have a lot to do, just plan it carefully, track the time spent and do your best to cut down on time wasters. With Everhour, it’s as easy as it sounds.

Personal Time

Every time entry is a new step towards delivering quick & quality results. Whether you are a freelancer or a team player, you’ll be more efficient & professional when you know your limits and can provide clear & reasonable estimates.

Figure out your time wasters first

Can’t help commenting on Facebook posts? Endless phone calls & Skype chatting? Reading the latest news in the gaming industry like the availability of games like 카지노 커뮤니티? These are just a few of the most common time wasters, to be more exact – your life wasters. In no way these habits are appreciated by employers, while a professional approach to working time is a particularly valuable quality.

Wanna chat with a friend? – Great! Arrange a coffee-meeting after work. Willing to keep up with Facebook updates? – Check them out when you have a short break & remember to log the spent time in Everhour. Sounds like a total control? It may seem like it at first. If your time has been out of your control for years it won’t be easy to force yourself managing it. But as soon as you start caring about your time as much as you care about the money spent, you’ll develop a feeling for self-discipline.

If you strive to spend time more productively, to find time for your favorite leisure activities, friends & family – it’s high time you stopped wasting your time surfing the Internet & started planning & tracking your daily activities.

Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to try. Just track time for a couple of days & see how it works for you.

Working Time

Have you ever had a problem with delivering a time report at work? If you are not used to tracking your working activities you’ll spend hours recalling what you’ve done over the last week/month & how time-consuming it has been. And you’ll most probably miss something, thus your reporting will be wrong & misleading for your team. That’s why we believe that reporting is an inseparable part of any business process & it must be accurate & professional. Of course, daily reporting is a routine, but with Everhour we do our best to optimize the process & make it as easy & clear as possible.

Check out how many benefits Everhour can bring you.

Report in 1 Click

With Everhour you can create your daily-weekly-monthly reports in a single click & review your activities over a given period, filter by a particular issue, by any team member, manage your billable hours and export your data to an accounting system like Fourlane.

Analysis & Automatization

All successful companies owe their success to their employees and constant analysis & improvement of their business processes. Due to the reports and statistics gathered by Everhour you can conduct a deep analysis of a project on each stage & use these results to avoid any bottlenecks in future.

By using @mentions and #issues you can trace each team member’s contribution to the common result over the desired time period.

Report Status Check

When working on a team project with Everhour there’s no need for you to distract your colleagues to check each other’s status on particular issues. This information is available in reports that you can generate when you need & even export them to a Google spreadsheet if you prefer.

Retrospective Meetings

It’s important not only to gather stats but also to use them properly. You can use the report information for retrospective meetings to discuss with your team how successful their work has been & how you can further improve the process to help every team member spend their time efficiently.

Are you still hesitating if you need a special time tracker? Stop thinking – just check it out! Take a quick peek at Everhour, try out its intuitive interface & make your routine more productive & better organized!

Do you think Everhour has some valuable features missing? Don’t be shy – tell us what you need to make your personal time tracker even better & more helpful!