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Posted on November 3, 2012

Twitter Bootstrap Inspiration

We love prototyping, and a chance to bring our coding skills to the table and integrate them with UX design puts a big smile on our faces :) We see more and more folks coming around to our way website that writes essays of thinking and getting their products on board the prototyping train.

There are many responsive HTML/CSS frameworks out there, but one of our favorites is Twitter Bootstrap due to ease & speed of development and quality documentation it provides as well as its slick visual appearance.

I’d like to share a collection of interesting samples based on Twitter Bootstrap and thus inspire you. You’ll see that it only takes a little imagination to create an awesome user experience.

Note: the article contains many images.

Landing page

Static page

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Sign Up

Admin panel






Sites that utilize Twitter Bootstrap nicely

A few themes to consider


Awesome Resources for Twitter Bootstrap Lovers

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